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*  Moga signature dish


Small Sashimi
Chef’s selection of fish of the day 17.50

Large Sashimi
Chef’s selection of fish of the day   31.50

Oysters Three Ways
Smokey Bay oysters (flown in fresh from SA) with house made jelly, Yuzu Jelly, Plum Jelly, Ponzu Jelly 13.00

Salmon Negima *
parcels of finely sliced sashimi grade salmon marinated in a delicate vinaigrette wrapped around shallots, mayo, sansho pepper, red onion, glazed with sweet unagi sauce and topped with fresh salmon roe  15.30 (6p)

Flounder Edge with Ponzu Sauce
a traditional Izakaya dish, this small beautifully presented dish includes sashimi from the edge portion of the flounder- wing portion, lightly flamed and served with a ponzu (soy vinaigrette) dressing, daikon radish and Julian cucumber slices 12.90

thinly sliced lightly grilled rare Wagyu (MB6 grade),  grated  daikon/white radish, Japanese chilli pepper 13.50


Salmon Nigiri
2 piece / 3 piece   6.40 /9.60

Tuna Nigiri
2 piece / 3 piece   7.00 /10.60

Flamed Salmon Nigiri
2 piece / 3 piece   7.00 /10.60

Flamed Tuna Nigiri
2 piece / 3 piece   7.60 /11.40

Flamed White Fish Nigiri
(ask wait staff for assistance with the white fish of the day)
2 piece / 3 piece   6.80 /10.20

Flamed Hokkaido Scallop Nigiri
2 piece / 3 piece   7.60 /11.30

 Tomago Nigiri
Japanese sweet egg omelette 2 piece / 3 piece   6.00 /9.00

Unagi Nigiri
grilled fresh water eel with a sweet unagi sauce 2 piece / 3 piece   7.10 /10.60

Maki And Hand Rolls

Avocado Roll
fresh avocado and mayonnaise 5.00

Salmon Avocado Maki
salmon avocado rolls with tobiko (4 piece) 6.50

Crispy Salmon Roll *
sushi roll wrapped in salmon skin, lightly fried in a light tempura batter, sliced open to reveal rare salmon and avocado, served with wasabi mayonnaise (4 piece) – moga top seller 11.50

Kamo river Roll*
named after the wild duck river in Kyoto (Kamo-gawa).  Moga chefs prepare a sweet marinated duck breast and roll this with beni shoga (red Japanese pickle), julienned cucumber and QP mayonnaise. The sushi roll is then delicately wrapped with wilted lettuce and glazed with a teriyaki duck sauce (6 piece)- a must try 16.00

Rosalie Roll *
tempura prawn, lightly grilled white fish, teriyaki glaze,  lemon wasabi mayo, crispy fried potato crunch (4 piece) 11.00

Moga Roll – (Moga- 1930’s modern girl) *
flamed salmon with Hokkaido scallops, mayonnaise, grilled teriyaki, fried shallots (6 piece) 18.00

Mobo Roll – (Mobo- 1930’s modern boy) *
grilled almonds and cheese, teriyaki salmon, oshinko (yellow pickle), cucumber, mayonnaise (6 piece) 18.00

Spanner Crab Roll
spanner crab, prawn, cucumber, house made tomago (Japanese egg omelette), avocado and tobiko (black caviar)  (4 piece) 16.00


Robata Grill

Moga stokes the robata grill with binchotan, a coal from Japan made from fired Oak branches. Used in ancient cooking it burns three times hotter than normal coal to seal in the natural flavour

Chicken Tsukune *
a traditional izakaya style of chicken skewer- marinated chicken mince balls (2 piece)  8.00

Chicken Yakitori
skewered chicken, burnt shallots, shichimi pepper, bbq teriyaki (2 piece)   8.20

Plum Yakitori Chicken
 grilled free range chicken breast, sea salt, tangy plum mayonnaise (2 piece)   8.50

Chicken Tail Yakitori
chicken tail, sea salt (2 piece)   7.00

Pork Kushi
skewered pork belly, celery, shichimi pepper, bbq teriyaki  (2 piece)  8.20

Kohitsuji miso
grilled lamb cutlets, cooked three ways- with green miso, red miso and yellow miso, served with baby spinach, side of grilled Tōgarshi – Japanese chilli/ capsicum. Note: The Tōgarshi is seasonally available- when unavailable, the kitchen will replace the chilli peppers with tempura vegetable (3 piece) 18.00

Pork Spare Ribs
chilli, sansho pepper and soy glaze 7.90

Grilled White Fish
grilled white fish, sea salt (2 piece)  8.00

Grilled Salmon Skewers
grilled white fish, sea salt, teriyaki glaze and shichimi pepper (2 piece)  9.00

Tomato Kushi
grilled baby tomato skewers (2 piece)  6.00

Tomato and Bacon Kushi
grilled baby tomato, bacon, sea salt (2 piece)  7.00

Katsu (crumbed) and Fried dishes

Camembert Cheese Katsu*
camembert cheese delicately coated with Japanese bread crumbs, lightly fried with zucchini, spiced bbq dipping sauce 11.90

pork fillet delicately coated with Japanese panko bread crumbs, fried with a light crispy outer coating and served with a house made tonkatsu sauce- tonakatsu sauce is a peppery Japanese BBQ sauce made with spices and fruit 16.60
For this dish we use our specialty panko which features on our new signature Katsu lunch menu. Moga panko is an airy light bread flakes with a 5mm length to achieve a light coating, the result is crispier and more resistant to absorbing oils.

Yuzu is a Japanese fruit similar to lemon or lime. Shiso is a Japanese mint leaf with a very earthy flavor, the minty earthy flavor of the shiso is distinct in this dish

Tempura dishes

Tempura Oysters
oysters coated in a delicate tempura batter, dashi broth (three piece) 13.00

Tempura Zucchini Flower *
zucchini flower, zucchini  filled with a prawn filling and coated in a delicate tempura batter, dashi broth 9.80

Takoyaki Kushi*
skewered Octopus dumplings, bonito flakes, mayo, house made Japanese bbq sauce  8.80

Ebi Tempura
crispy tempura prawns (two piece) , seasonal vegetable, shiso, dashi broth 17.50

Yasai Tempura
seasonal vegetable, shiso, dashi broth  14.00

Yaki – Flamed/grilled

Duck Halloumi tataki  *
seared duck, lightly flamed Halloumi cheese, chives, seeded mustard – a beautiful dish prepared with fresh tataki/ sashimi grade duck  16.90

Yaki Nasu Dengaku Miso*
scorched eggplant, shallots, dengaku miso sauce 12.30

MB6 grade grilled striploin Wagyu beef, ponzu, spring onion, grated daikon, chilli, Yuzu gosyou 14.80

Wagyu Houba Yaki*
MB6 grade wagyu, grilled with miso sauce upon a large magnolia leaf. Presented on the magnolia leaf it imparts a subtle and unique flavour – a specialty dish from the GIFU prefecture  18.90

Seafood Yaki set *
two whole king tiger prawns butterflied, charred on the robata -shell on to lock in the flavour, grilled with a sweet green miso and avocado blend, served with a grilled smokey bay oyster 15.00

Hokkaido Scallop Spicy Miso *
 grilled scallops, drawn butter,  fried crispy baby spinach, ikura-salmon roe , spiced miso sauce 16.50

Other Kitchen dishes, soups and salads

warm soy bean pods, sea salt 4.50

Sesame Mushroom Salad*
a beautiful blend of fresh enoki, shimeji and shitake mushroom and baby spinach leaf presented with edible flower petals and a  creamy subtle house made sesame dressing 15.50 

Oyster Mizore Ni*
oysters are coated in flour and then slowly brought to the boil in a soy and mirin broth – a must try for the oyster fan. The word ‘mizore’ means snow flake, the daikon radish floating in the mirin and soy soup represents snowflakes. Chef Satoshi-sans beautiful dish is served with wilted baby spinach, 5 oysters and a side of ikura (salmon roe) to spoon atop just before eating 15.00

Soft Shell Crab Agedashi Tofu
lightly battered tofu, dashi broth,  tempura soft shell crab 12.00

Miso Soup
dashi, miso paste, wakame, tofu soup 4.50

Duck and Asian cabbage soup
Duck cabbage mirin soup, served with fragrant freshly ground white sesame – grind yourself sesame. Sesame seeds come in a Suri-Bachi- a ceramic Japanese grinding bowl to use with a soft timbre pestle called a suri-kogi 16.90

Chicken Kara-Age
fried marinated chicken 8.50

choose from either chicken, pork or vegetable (4 piece) 7.90


Gindara  (Black Cod) Saikyo-Yaki *
black cod marinated in Saikyo miso 27.50

Wagyu Steak
char grilled strips of tender Striploin MB6 grade wagu served with asparagus, zucchini and a beautiful apple and garlic jus 43.00


White sesame mousse
creamy white sesame mousse, grilled almonds and warm grilled fruit with a whisky maple glaze (Nikka whisky from the barrel) 13.50

Cocoa Ice cheese Cake with Red bean
house made iced cheese cake (cheese cake ice cream), side of red bean jam, mint, condensed milk and strawberry 13.50

Tempura Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream coated in Japanese batter and deep fried 15.50

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